Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dear Charlie,

I went out with the guys last night. It was really fun. We went to karaoke and spent the night at icha's place as usual. When I say 'spent the night' it means that we only stay there until about 9.15 cause the rest of the guys have work the day after and I wasn't alowed to go home late. Anyway, it was really fun. I know, I wish Endah was there, or Cindy, or Ratih or Imey or Riri, I wish everyone was there like it used to be but then people continue with their lives and got really busy and some, even move to another city. I understand that, I just miss us being together, you know? We really had a good laugh last night, my stomach hurt cause I laughed so much. I think all of our stomaches hurt.

And it got me. What happens if all of us move to another city or everybody busy with their on jobs that it's really hard for us to even meet up? Am I going to laugh my head off like I did last night? I wonder about that. Isn't that pathetic if you can laugh so hard only with these people and not other people? It's like you depend on them. And I think I do. I've been looking forward to meet them yesterday. We haven't met since like.... a week? Damn, a week feels like a month. When I was with them, I didn't really care of what's happening tomorrow or worrying things that I worry about. I was, somehow, free. Have you ever felt like that?

I ramble things around. I should probably sleep.

Love always,

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