Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Dear Charlie,

Sorry for not writing to you for days. I just don't have any stories to tell. Anyway, I attached a postcard with this letter, I hope you like it. I took the picture by myself using my 2MP camera phone when I was in Jakarta. Do you know that the station in the picture above is actually the oldest train station in Jakarta? Endah told me that. I love the atmosphere of that station; where the old meet the new. They, somehow, synchronize to one another. I hope you're doing well though.

Today is exactly the seventh day of February, I don't even know why I told you that. I guess, may be it's because I actually like February. Well at least, this month is a bit special; it has the least days, only once every 4 years it has 29 days and my birthday is in this month. I guess you've figured out already why anyway. Don't you think it's a bit shallow for me if I say this month was also special because of Valentine's Day? I don't celebrate Valentine's Day and never will but I really like the atmosphere people create, you know, when you go to the mall and they have all these pink flowers hanging on or candlelit dinner ad or Valentine's Day promo. And when you turn on your TV and the channel actually prepare series of romcom movies as tribute to Valentine's Day and the love song plays as the background sound, I love that atmosphere.

Talking about birthday, I'll turn 22 on the 19th day of February. Geez, I can't believe I'm that mature now (I hate using the word 'old' cause I'm not). I'm a bit sad though, since I have no job on my 22 birthday and haven't really achieve anything great. But that's not a problem isn't it? I still can achieve the great things start from today, you reckon? I haven't really go out much or meeting new people and I guess, my ability to communicate with new people kinda lacking (no kidding!). But then again, I am still trying to participate as much as I can and drag myself to try new things.

Anyway, mum would be home any minuets and I haven't really changed since she left to work this morning. Will write again soon.

Love always,

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