Friday, 5 October 2012

How far is the sky from here?

I remember the time when we had to squeeze our own schedules just to be able to spend the lunch together. Your texts always came seconds too late; I had just my lunch when I received those. I remember the time when we couldn't wait to spend the afternoon tea together, how we cursed the time and bosses for keeping us with the work when all along it's us who couldn't wait to meet. And between those lunch and afternoon tea; between the talk about the future, the past, the exes, friends, musics and other random things, you never stop asking me about the distance of the sky.

"How far is the sky from here?" you asked.

I know you always believe that I am the type of person that knows everything, when I'm not. Every time you ask me something, I always try to find the answers for you but this time I couldn't find the answers. I don't think anybody have ever count it. In another hand, I really wish I could give you the answer precisely but I also ask the same question. And today, in our countless lunch, I finally spoken my answer.

"It's far but it seems so close." I said.
"But to me, it's close but seems so far." You argued.
"It's just the matter of perspectives." I settled the argument.

And you smiled. I guess you've found the answer.

If only you knew what you said about the sky is what I feel towards you, things would be different. You're so close but seem so far...

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